Women have the right to make deeply private decisions about abortion and reproductive health without government interference. These decisions belong between a woman, her doctor, and her family - no one else. New Mexico has a long tradition of respecting women's reproductive health decisions, and our state laws are among the best in the nation when it comes to protecting access to abortion. Over the years, the ACLU of New Mexico has been integral to the protection and expansion of reproductive freedom in New Mexico. The ACLU of New Mexico's reproductive freedom work includes:

  • Winning the right to medicaid coverage of abortion in the lawsuit NARAL v. Johnson
  • Ensuring that individual pharmacists' religious convictions do not prevent pharmacies from filling birth control prescriptions
  • Helping to defeat an abortion ban ballot measure in the city of Albuquerque in 2013
  • Advocating against bills in the legislature that restrict a woman's access to abortion and reproductive healthcare
  • Co-creating the Respect NM Women campaign to fight abortion stigma in New Mexico and support women's decisions about reproductive health