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Quick to Judge

“She’s being an obstructionist.”

October 17, 2019

Crossing the Line

The dark handheld camera footage shows a large group of people, mostly families clutching small children, blinded by the flashlights trained on their faces. Heavily armed men wearing fake law enforcement badges, ski masks, and camouflage uniforms bark orders to the frightened families.

October 15, 2019 Border Rights Immigrants’ Rights

No line to walk on ABQ panhandling law

In its recent editorial (July 29), the Albuquerque Journal suggests that in the wake of federal judge Robert C. Brack’s ruling that the Albuquerque “Pedestrian Safety Ordinance” violates the First Amendment, the city of Albuquerque can still somehow “walk the line” on safety and free speech.

August 12, 2019 Free Speech

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