Our beautiful state is one of the few remaining places in the country where a woman can make deeply personal decisions about abortion without government interference. While other states have enacted more than 300 laws that restrict access to abotion in the past few years alone, New Mexico remains a place where women from our communities and accross the country can acess safe and legal healthcare our families need. Unfortunately, keeping decisions about abortion between a woman and her doctor has made New Mexico a target. Activists with extreme anti-abortion views are constantly attempting to force their opinions on others by promoting anti-abortion restrictions in the New Mexico legislature, and sometimes even harass and intimidate abortion providers, their staff, and their patients.

In 2016, the ACLU of New Mexico, along with many local partners, created the Respect NM Women campaign to serve as a powerful community platform in support of New Mexico women and their reproductive health decisions. Respect NM Women aims to:

  • Step up. It is our lives, our families, and our communities that are hurt by attempts to block access to safe and legal abortion in New Mexico.
  • Speak out. We are a supportive community where people can talk about abortion without fear of shame or stigma.
  • Stand strong. We oppose any attempt to disrespect women by interfereing in private decisions about abortion.

Learn more about Respect NM Women at respectNMwomen.org.