The 2019 New Mexico legislative session will end at noon on Saturday, March 16. This guide outlines the high priority bills that remain in play and how you – as trained ACLU-NM legislative advocates – can continue to help us advance the good ones and stop the bad ones during this final crucial period of the session. The last 10 days of the session will determine whether this session is a success.

We’ve already passed our major ACLU-NM bill, the New Mexico Electronic Communications Privacy Act, SB199, which protects our private digital information from being accessed by law enforcement without a warrant. But we are striving to pass several more. We need your help contacting legislators via email, phone and personal visit.

We will continue to take small groups of activist leaders up to the Roundhouse to help us advocate for our key issues. If you are interested in doing this, please contact Mary Ann Maestas, Reproductive Rights Field Organizer,, Osmani Alcaraz-Ochoa, Criminal Justice Field Organizer,, or Stephanie Corte, Immigrant Rights Campaign Strategist,