The most recent elections have made clear that New Mexicans are ready to move forward with a more progressive agenda rooted in justice, equity, and liberty. Still, our state is not immune to the deepening polarization and systemic discrimination occurring in the rest of the country.

With so much at stake, the time to act is now. This legislative session we need your help to ensure access to abortion, pass much-needed police reform, reduce the numbers of people in our prisons and jails, and tackle inequities in education for Native students.

Keep an eye out for updates from us with op- portunities for you to help.

In this issue of The Torch, we tackle many of the issues our team will be working on this upcoming session. We also take a look at some of the work our Border and Immigrants' Rights team has done on Border Patrol critical incident teams. 


  • New Mexico's Fight to Protect Abortion Rights
  • How We Are Protecting New Mexicans' Civil Rights From the Supreme Court
  • 2023 Legislative Session Preview
  • The Unjust Burden of Fines and Fees
  • These Border Patrol Teams Work in the Shadows to Hide Agent Misdeeds
  • Technical Parole Violations Take Their Toll on New Mexicans