Maya Peña, whose indigenous name is Tse Tsan, is from Kha’po Owingeh Pueblo. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in business administration at Fort Lewis College. Peña is a multimedia artist who blurs the boundary between traditional indigenous themes and contemporary expression. She often explores feelings of loyalty to the land and its people.

“In creating this piece ‘Rise,’ I wanted to convey the rich beauty of our New Mexican communities. This work was for the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico, but they in turn wanted it to be a gift. A gift for you who believes in the preservation of our liberties. In a time of turmoil, remembering our compassion for each other will be our light. Remembering the land beneath our feet will be our center. We will breathe, and we will rise.”

The PDF copy of the 2020 ACLU of New Mexico annual report is attached below.