Beginning on January 16th the ACLU of New Mexico, our partners, and our supporters will be engaged in policy change at the roundhouse. The 2018 legislative session will be filled with 30 days of budget-focused bills and priorities our Governor wants to see pass before her term comes to an end. With threats to our civil liberties coming fast and furious from the Trump Administration, we need to mobilize to protect our rights here in our state.  We anticipate new efforts by the Governor and her legislative allies to ramp up misguided “tough-on-crime” policies that will cost the state a lot of money but do little to increase public safety in our communities. We also expect to see dangerous efforts to limit access to reproductive healthcare and to push for a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution.

We are providing legislative resources to equip New Mexicans with the tools to help protect and expand civil liberties in our state. This advocacy guide provides information about the ACLU-NM’s legislative agenda and how you can get involved to advocate on key issues.

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