Long time ACLU member Phil Bock was a finalist for the 2011 ACLU of New Mexico Southern Chapter annual songwriting contest held in Silver City.  The contest theme was "LGBT Rights." Here are the lyrics from "Freedom To Love."  The music is available to anyone interest from   pbock@unm.edu.


By Phil Bock

Freedom To Love and freedom to choose: That's what we all are fighting for. Just to show affection, freely without fear, And have protection from the law.

It shouldn't matter how we look or how we talk, We're equal even if we're few. We are human beings, we have human rights Protected by the ACLU.

Freedom to love is one human right And we demand it every day. No one has to beg for a basic human right. Straight or gay we're all okay.

Freedom from fear and freedom from hate, No need for hiding who we are:Not to need protection, nor to face rejection Whether in marriage or in war.

 It’s not illegal how we walk or how we talk, We have a style that’s not like yours: Maybe worse or better, you must understand Difference is not against the law.