LAS CRUCES, NM—Today, the ACLU of New Mexico Regional Center for Border Rights (RCBR) responded to President Obama’s announcement that he will take executive action to prevent the deportation up to 4.5 million people currently living in the United States without documentation:
“We applaud the President’s action to provide temporary relief for our many neighbors, friends and family who call the border region home. Our region, home to tens of millions of families, understands and celebrates the contributions of immigrant families that help make our communities diverse, safe and economically vibrant. We’ll join communities in continuing the fight for a lasting, fair solution for the millions of aspiring citizens both included and left unprotected by the President’s announcement,” said RCBR director Vicki Gaubeca.
“We are deeply concerned, however, by the suggestion that we need to expand wasteful border spending. Doubling the size of the Border Patrol—a proposal the agency itself states it doesn’t need or want—would worsen CBP’s urgent accountability crisis and condemn another generation of border residents to live under the heavy hand of unaccountable enforcement.”


The ACLU of New Mexico Regional Center for Border Rights stands with border communities to defend and protect America’s constitutional guarantees of equality and justice for all families to live freely, safely and with dignity.