The ACLU-NM Legal Panel guides the organization’s legal efforts. The panel is made up of ACLU-NM staff attorneys and prominent civil rights attorneys from the community, who are responsible for providing legal advice, assisting in the selection of cases and promoting a legal strategy that will protect and expand civil liberties in the state.

Current ACLU-NM Legal Panel

Alexandra Freedman Smith, Legal Panelist*

Maureen Sanders, Legal Panelist

Laura Schauer Ives, Legal Panelist*

George Bach, Legal Panelist*

Julio Romero, Legal Panelist

Ryan Villa, Legal Panelist

Hon. Linda Vanzi (Ret.), Legal Panelist

Chris Benoit, Legal Panelist

*Former ACLU-NM legal directors

In Memoriam

Reber F. Boult, Jr. (11/17/36-12/29/20) was a revered civil rights attorney, a fierce advocate for justice, and a loyal friend to the ACLU-NM. For many decades, Reber volunteered as the ACLU-NM’s legal director and was instrumental in shaping the legal program after the affiliate hired its first attorney. Afterward, he served as a dedicated legal panel member. Reber will always be remembered for his passion for protecting people’s rights, dedication to the ACLU, and his friendly smile.

Philip B. Davis (1/5/53-1/27/22) faithfully served on the ACLU-NM legal panel from the mid-80s until his untimely passing in 2022. For many years, he was the de facto legal director of ACLU-NM before we had any staff attorneys and litigated some of our most important early cases. Phil was passionate about civil rights and mentoring the next generation of civil rights attorneys in New Mexico. He had such an impact on civil rights in our state, he fittingly earned the nickname “Mr. Civil Rights of New Mexico.” Phil will be forever remembered for his generosity to ACLU-NM staff, his all-encompassing compassion, and his perfect combination of gruff and sweetness.