Core Programs

ACLU-NM has three general approaches that we use to address a variety of issues of concern to New Mexico residents:

1. Legal Advocacy and Litigation

The goal of the ACLU-NM legal department is to establish case law and policy precedents that protect or expand civil rights. We use a variety of legal strategies to respond to complaints and to uphold the individual rights guaranteed to all people by the constitution and laws of the United States.  Learn more about our legal advocacy and litigation program.

2. Public Education and Community Organizing

The focus of ACLU-NM’s communication and public outreach efforts is to promote awareness of the Bill of Rightsand mobilize the community to address unconstitutional policies and practices. As part of our public education strategy, we communicate about civil liberties and civil rights online, in the press, in person and in print in a way that all New Mexicans—conservative, centrist and liberal—can relate to.  Learn more about our public education and community organizing program.

3. Policy and Legislative Advocacy

Through lobbying and grassroots organizing efforts, we directly influence many bills and policies that have civil rights, human rights, or civil liberties implications. We lobby to defeat bills and policies that threaten citizens’ rights and also lobby to establish state statutes and local policies that strengthen legal rights and protections under the Constitution.  Learn more about our policy and legislative advocacy program.