What We Do

ACLU-NM strives to create a more just, open and equitable society for all.  Through legal action, legislative advocacy and public education, we act to protect and expand the rights and freedoms guaranteed to New Mexicans in the U.S. and state constitutions. When the government tries to dilute or destroy these rights, ACLU-NM is there to make a stand.

The ACLU promotes fundamental American values: liberty, justice and equality. When the government attempts to suppress your right to speak or associate with others who think as you do, we take legal action. When the legislature proposes a law that discriminates against you, we lobby against it. When by the justice system treats people unfairly, we act to set things right.

To learn more about our specific programs and initiatives, please view the following pages:

Using the legal, legislative, communication and educational tools at our disposal, we work to create a lasting positive impact—not only for the individuals we serve directly—but for the entire community.