Spread the Word

“The people cannot be safe without information.” -Thomas Jefferson

There are many different ways to get involved with the civil rights issues you care most about.  Just helping to spread the word to friends, family or your broader community can really help make a difference.  We invite you to:

  • Sign up for email alerts on civil liberties issues affecting New Mexico and learn how you can take action to protect your freedom.
  • Write a letter to the editor to voice your opinion on key civil liberties issues of the day.
  • Fan us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and spread the word to others in your network
  • Host a house party and help your friends and community understand the different ways the government is targeting the rights of innocent Americans. If you are interested in hosting a civil liberties house party, let us know and we’ll walk you through the process.
  • Find out more about a local ACLU chapter in your area. There are several volunteer-run chapters across the state that meet regularly to discuss pressing civil liberties issues.
  • Request a speaker for a lively discussion on legal rights and civil liberties at your classroom, meeting, synagogue, church, or other forum.