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  1. ACLU, Defense Groups File Emergency Lawsuit Urging New Mexico Supreme Court to Protect the Lives of Incarcerated People and Surrounding Communities 

    April 14, 2020Press releaseCorrections Reform
  2. ACLU Again Urges Governor to Protect Incarcerated New Mexicans From Viral Explosion in Jails and Prisons

    July 7, 2020Press releaseCorrections Reform
  3. ACLU-NM Files Lawsuit Against Former Correctional Officer who Raped and Impregnated a Woman Incarcerated at Western New Mexico Correctional Facility

    November 4, 2019Press releaseCorrections Reform
  4. ACLU-NM Intervenes on Behalf of an Incarcerated Woman Denied Appropriate Medical Care at Springer Correctional Facility

    August 30, 2019Press releaseCorrections Reform
  5. ACLU-NM Files Second in a Series of Lawsuits Against New Mexico Correctional Officers For Sexually Abusing Incarcerated Women

    July 30, 2019Press releaseCorrections Reform
  6. ACLU Sues New Mexico Corrections Department and Western New Mexico Correctional Facility for Fostering an Environment Rife with Sexual Abuse

    April 17, 2019Press releaseCorrections Reform
  7. ACLU Unveils New Research Showing Rates of Solitary Confinement in New Mexico are Higher than New Mexico Corrections Department Reports

    February 28, 2019Press releaseCorrections Reform
  8. ACLU Files Motion on Behalf of a Homeless Woman Jailed Because she Cannot Afford the Conditions of Pretrial Release

    January 24, 2019Press releaseCorrections Reform
  9. Legal Groups Bring Class Action Lawsuit Against State Of New Mexico For Failure to Protect Incarcerated People From Deadly Threat of Coronavirus

    August 24, 2020Press releaseImmigrants’ Rights, Corrections Reform
  10. Summer 2020 Torch Newsletter

    September 10, 2020PublicationPolice Practices, Criminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice, Corrections Reform, Free Speech