Following a series of recent US Supreme Court decisions, and a 2018 decision from our own New Mexico Supreme Court, New Mexico needs a statutory fix to ensure that individuals who were under age eighteen at the time of their offense have a meaningful opportunity for release. Ohio, Arkansas, Nevada, West Virginia, the Dakotas, and our neighbors in Texas, Colorado, and Utah have already passed this type of legislation. This bill creates consistency and predictability for all victims and communities across the state by standardizing youth sentences in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution.

What does this bill do?

  1. Explicitly bans Juvenile Life Without Parole (“JLWOP”) sentences, following 24 other states and the District of Columbia.
  2. Establish eligibility for a parole determination hearing after 15 years of a sentence for youth who were sentenced as adults.

Tell lawmakers you support the Second Chance Bill.



Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez and Representative Dayan Hochman-Vigil


Lost: bill did not pass



Bill number

SB 247