We need to invest our local resources in keeping our welcoming state safe and free from discriminatory practices that target vulnerable communities. Right now, local law enforcement is disproportionally policing immigrant communities based solely on the suspicion or assumption that they may be living in New Mexico in violation of federal immigration laws. They are actively participating as an arm of ICE and the federal government instead of focusing local resources and personnel on accountability and creating a true sense of community safety. This means putting a stop to racially profiling immigrant communities and removing the pipeline to deportation that currently exists in New Mexico. 

This bill would prohibit the use of state and local public funds, personnel, property, and other resources to aid federal agencies in the enforcement of immigration law. Most importantly, it would stop state police and jails from identifying, arresting, detaining, or prolonging the detention of a person based solely on the suspicion or knowledge that the person has entered or is residing in the U.S. in violation of federal immigration laws. New Mexico has traditionally always been a welcoming state when it comes to immigrant communities. This bill will help keep it that way, protecting the constitutional rights of immigrants throughout New Mexico



Sen. Richard Martinez, Sen. Linda Lopez


Lost: bill did not pass



Bill number

Senate Bill 196