The fight for voting rights remains as critical as ever. Politicians across the country continue to engage in voter suppression, efforts that include additional obstacles to registration, cutbacks on early voting, and strict voter identification requirements. But in New Mexico we have a chance to turn the tide to expand and protect voting rights for all of us.

What does this bill do?

  • Supports the rights of Indigenous voters by expanding the time for when Indigenous tribes, nations, and pueblos can request alternate voting sites.
  • Automatically restores the voting rights of those convicted of a felony who are not currently incarcerated.
  • Extends the early voting period through the Sunday before Election Day.
  • Creates a permanent absentee voter list allowing individuals to voluntarily receive mail ballots for each election.
  • Extends the timeline for mailing ballots to voters to 35 days before an election and extends the deadline for accepting voted ballots.
  • Makes Election Day a state holiday.
  • Allows 16 year-olds the right to participate in local elections.


Passed committee



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