The Issue

Currently, there are stigmatizing local ordinances targeting abortion intended to generate confusion, resulting in a chilling effect for people seeking health care. Similarly, politically-motivated attacks on gender-affirming health care are being debated and passed in states around the country. New Mexico must remain a place where people and families are able to access the health care they need to be healthy and thrive.

What this bill will do

The Health Care Freedom Act prohibits public bodies, including local municipalities, from denying, restricting, or discriminating against an individual’s right to use or refuse reproductive or gender-affirming care.

This is personal

  • In New Mexico, we stand firm in our values of respect and understanding.

  • New Mexicans deserve access to the full spectrum of care they need to be healthy, build families, and thrive.

  • Decisions about reproductive health care, including abortion care, are personal and must remain between the person seeking care, their loved ones, and their medical provider.

  • As New Mexicans, we can hold our own moral views on abortion care and still trust a pregnant person to make decisions for themselves.

  • Everybody should have the freedom to access the abortion care they need without fear of arrest, interrogation, or criminalization.

  • Trans and Non-Binary New Mexicans all deserve to live safe and healthy lives, regardless of their zip code. Protecting Gender-Affirming Care, so Trans and Non-Binary individuals are respected, affirmed, and accepted is life-saving.

  • Gender affirming care is life-saving care. The most influential factor in health, safety, and life-expec- tancy for Trans and Non-Binary individuals is the access they have to life-saving Gender-Affirming Health Care.


Representatives Linda Serrato, Charlotte Little, Kristina Ortez, Reena Szczepanski, and Janelle Anyanonu





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