New Mexico has long been host to a diverse set of religious tradions and practices, many of which predate the arrival of European colonists by hundreds of years. Today, native religions, Catholicism, Protestantism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Wicca and many more religious communities all call New Mexico home. The ACLU of New Mexico protects the right of all people to practice their religion--or no religion at all--without government interference. The ACLU of New Mexico has protected religious liberty by:

  • Ensuring that people incarcerated in New Mexico jails and prisons have access to appropriate religious diets and accomodations
  • Fighting for the right of street preachers in Roswell, NM to preach in public spaces without fear of arrest or harassment by police
  • Filing a lawsuit to remove a religious monument depicting the Ten Commandments from the Bloomfield, NM City Hall lawn
  • Filing a complaint against an Espanola, NM hospital for religious discrimination after they tried to force a Sikh employee to shave his beard