New Mexican families are strong and resilient.  We want our families to be able to live the lives that they want and be treated with respect and Dignity.

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As politicians in Washington D.C. and other states put up barriers to reproductive health care, New Mexicans know that the decision to end a pregnancy is personal and should remain between a woman and her health care provider.  As a safe medical procedure, abortion should be protected from political interference.

Barriers to reproductive health care only benefit a political agenda that does not reflect the values of New Mexico.  As New Mexicans, we understand that a woman and her family need access to a full range of health care, including safe and legal abortion.

With the future of the U.S. Supreme Court (and it’s ruling in Roe vs Wade) uncertain, we must repeal out-of-date anti-abortion language in the criminal code of New Mexico, as it only threatens to criminalize women and health care providers. Especially in a rural state, we must permanently protect access to reproductive health care, including abortion, no matter what happens in Washington D.C.

Because we respect New Mexico women and families, we urge the legislature and governor of New Mexico to pass a bill repealing this outdated statute and permanently protect access to reproductive health care, including abortion in New Mexico. Legislators should pass this bill with urgency in the next legislative session.

Please sign our petition demanding that legislators pass a bill permanently protecting abortion access in New Mexico!

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