Paul Haidle


Senior Policy Strategist





Paul Haidle is an attorney and the Senior Policy Strategist with the ACLU of New Mexico.  Paul advocates for smarter laws and better policies that impact the criminal justice system in New Mexico and works closely with a broad coalition of allied organizations and community members to achieve those goals. 

Prior to joining the ACLU, Paul served as the director of the criminal records program at Cabrini Green Legal Aid in Chicago, a holistic model of legal services designed to remove barriers to employment, housing, licensing and other collateral consequences that stem from interactions with the criminal justice system.  Paul has extensive courtroom experience in the busiest felony courthouse in America, has secured executive clemency for many of his clients, and has successfully challenged unfair hiring practices related to criminal histories. Paul helped lead the city-wide Association of Pro Bono Counsel’s Second Chance initiative that trained and partnered attorneys from some of the largest law firms with clients seeking relief from a criminal record. 

Most recently, Paul served on the staff of US Senator Martin Heinrich where he focused his efforts on improving access to health care and other benefits for Veterans in New Mexico.  Paul has a BS in environmental sciences and received his JD from Chicago-Kent College of Law.