Maggie Sarellano


Fines & Fees Organizer





Maggie Sarellano serves as the Fines & Fees Organizer of the ACLU in Albuquerque, NM. Before joining the ACLU, Maggie worked in sales.

All along, Maggie knew she would cycle back into public service when the timing was right. She brings with her the ability to develop strategies to highlight and educate New Mexicans about our state's obstacles. Maggie earned her B.S. degree in Biology with a concentration in Management from the University of New Mexico in 2018.

Maggie loves to learn and, more importantly, use the knowledge to inspire change. Her inspiration comes from growing up in Southeast N.M., where the possibility of becoming entangled in the criminal legal system was too high. From this, she knows justice reform will benefit our communities in N.M.