Police Accountability Strategist





Elaine has lived in New Mexico her entire life. As a child she was raised in Los Lunas and her family is from the south valley of Albuquerque where Elaine's grandparents settled there and built the family home.  

Elaine is a proud mother of two and a happy wife with a husband of 16 years. Elaine most enjoys spending time with my family and watching her kids grow.

Elaine has learned the value of another day with a loved one, from the sudden loss of her mother at the age of 14, her father in 2013, and most recently her best friend/sister in 2019. These events have taught Elaine to enjoy life in the moment and each day as a gift with those you cherish.

Most of Elaine's professional career has been serving those with disabilities. However following the death of Elaine's sister after a mental health crisis at the hands of the responding deputies, her path in life has changed. Elaine finds herself still serving the community that she loves but now in a different way.

Elaine is committed to ensuring her community has the best possible policing practices and the policing that her sister deserved the night she lost her life. This is Elaine's new calling.  She works humbly towards that goal as Police Accountability Strategist with the ACLU of New Mexico.