Indigenous Justice Policy Advocate



Austin Weahkee (Wee-Aww-Key) is Cochiti, Zuni, and Navajo. Austin was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and comes from a long line of community organizers. Austin is currently the Indigenous Justice Policy Advocate for the ACLU of New Mexico, Austin was formerly the political director for NM Native Vote, and the Civic Engagement Director for Naeva. His first experience with social justice was as a kid, during the fight to stop the road through the Petroglyphs, a battle which was eventually lost in 2005, and led to the extension of Paseo Del Norte through one of the country’s most inter-tribally recognized sacred sites. In 2016 he worked to elect leaders to the State House of Representatives with Advanced Legislative Leadership Services. From 2000 to 2016, Weahkee experienced losses and victories through his volunteerism on multiple campaigns focusing on racial and social justice, sacred site protection, and environmental issues. In 2017, he was hired on with NM Native Vote (formerly NAVA, and NAVA EP), and Naeva as an organizer, and has since worked on several different elections. Austin has also worked with the Governor’s Council on Racial Equity.